17 may Movie: 69 a film about Ungdomshuset

“…Copenhagen is one out of many European cities in the process of being cleaned up from the inside by city councils, but the organized resistance that took place during the eviction of the Youthhouse took the conflict to a new level.

’69’ depicts the last 6 months of the history of the Youthhouse, seen throe the eyes of the activist. Including unique inside footage from secret meetings, direct actions, riots, everyday life in the Youthhouse Collective and the eviction filmed from inside the house, this documentary movie portrays the tights between being marginalised and radicalised.

The combination between a director with a background in the European diy/activist scene and a high budget movie production makes a quite controversial cocktail. Since the premier in October ’69’ has pulled of three awards at international film festivals for best new Nordic director, best Danish documentary and an audience award….”

Date: 17-05-2011
Startfilm: 20 pm

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