Steun voor autonoom centrum Aken

Het autonoom centrum in Aken wordt de laatste vaker en intenser aangevallen door rechts extremisten. Hieronder de engelstalige oproep van onze kameraden uit Aken.

Repeated Neo-Nazi Attacks on the AZ (Autonomes Zentrum), Call for Action

On the night of the 31st of May, the AZ in the Vereinsstrasse in Aachen was again attacked by Neo-Nazis. Approxiamtely around 11pm pepperspray and another yet unknown substance was sprayed through the mail slot in the door while a meeting was going on. A bottle filled with an unknown substance was also pushed through the slot. The three attackers, which are affiliated with the local Neo-Nazi scene, were masked with ski goggles and bandanas. They were carrying weapons, including a telescope bat and a type of morning star.

On the night of the 3rd of June, another attack occured. While a number of people were gathering on the steps of the AZ, metal bullets were fired with a slingshot from a passing car. The bullets were aimed at people‘s heads, accepting the hazard of fatal injuries.

These are only a few of a series of attacks by fascists. Fatal consequences were willingly accepted by the attackers. Repeatedly fascist graphiti was spraypainted at the walls of the location, signed by the localmilitant Neo-Nazi gang „Kameradschaft Aachener Land“. Visitors were also repeatedly ambushed within the surrounding area of the AZ. These attacks are the direct result of the strengthening of Neo-Nazi presence throughout the inner city of Aachen. Violent incidents have happened regularly to all people who do not fit in a fascist world view. Besides the AZ the party branch of „Die Linke“ (German Socialist Party) as well as the private homes of political opponents have been violently assaulted.

These attacks are yet another proof for the extremely aggressive behaviour of Neo-Nazis in Aachen. It is also a fact that the police and the city council have failed to tackle the problem. Instead of relying on the state,we are now forced to take action ourselves.

The AZ, the AK Antifa Aachen and the Autonome Antifa A3 calls for solidarity and to show resistanceagainst these developments with a rally against violence and fascists tendencies. For an anti-fascist mobilisation and for independent culture!
Meeting place is the space in front of the AZ on June 18th, 8 pm.

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